Passing The Torch 🗽 …

Drake’s not the only rapper taking over the Apollo Theater these days … Lil Kim headlined the Harlem Festival of Culture there, and shared the shine with her Brooklyn rap descendant Lola Brooke!!!

Kim brought out Lola Thursday night to perform her breakout hit “Don’t Play With It” … rousing the crowd as the rappers shared a quick embrace before Lola started ripping the mic.

Lola’s head was still spinning after her cameo, and she gushed over the moment on Twitter — where she also got Missy Elliott’s stamp of approval.

Lola and her independent label, Team 80 Productions, just inked a deal with Arista Records earlier this month, as “Don’t Play With It” makes a push on various Billboard charts.

Future just gave Lola a similar look last month at his concert at Barclays Center, but with so much chatter on how female rappers never support one another, Kim’s unselfishness will be remembered … especially by Lola!!!

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