Pusha T Stood On Good Principles ✊🏾

Sheek Louch thinks Pusha T did himself a favor by choosing to part ways with Kanye West following his 2022 string of hate and antisemitism

The LOX legend recalled how disappointed he was in Ye’s antisemitic rants when DJ Vlad alerted him Pusha had quit his longtime gig as GOOD Music President over those very same outbursts!!!

Sheek applauded Pusha for choosing to bounce away from Ye … calling him “solid” while voicing some pretty hefty complaints of his own about the embattled megastar.

Back in August 2021 when Ye was rallying the troops for his “Donda 1” album, he called upon a sleep-deprived Sheek, Jadakiss and Styles P to fly on a private jet in the middle of the night to work on the project.

The LOX had just beaten Dipset in their historic Verzuz battle but still agreed to help Ye for the culture.

Sheek says once they got there, Ye thanked them for coming … through his mask — which he didn’t remove one time — but even crazier, that was the last time they saw him!!!

Sheek floated the idea of telling Ye to suck a 🍆 — the ultimate form of disrespect in his book — if he reaches out to do a track in 2023, but doesn’t think Ye and Pusha should beef going forward.

One person who strongly disagrees is proud Ye loyalist Consequence … who’s currently dragging Pusha’s name in the gutter for abandoning ship!!!

Like Sheek, Cons doesn’t agree with Ye’s talking points from much of last year … but isn’t letting his Pusha’s backsliding slide!!!

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