Fans Pleading for Cash on GoFundMe …

Beyoncé fans are begging to score tickets for her upcoming tour … making public pleas for $$$!!!

The BeyHive is buzzing around the crowdfunding website, GoFundMe, to ask family, friends and other Bey diehards to throw them some bread to secure a ticket for her “Renaissance” tour.

Problem is, even if they raise the money, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed a ticket … just ask Swifties about the presale of Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour!

That’s not stopping fans from trying, and some of their pleas are pretty funny. One fan writes, “This is the only life experience I care about living before I die. I will get those front row tickets either way but this way is safer than selling my kidney on the black market.”

Another fan says, “Listen…I would love your financial support in sending me to Beyoncé World Tour 2023. I haven’t missed a Beyoncé concert yet, but I got ‘bills, bills, bills.'”

Tickets go on sale in the U.S. next week … brace yourselves, BeyHive.

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