DJ Whoo Kid and Logic have more than the music industry in common, revealing in a new interview that they’ve actually got matching ink.On Thursday (February 9), the “Homicide” rapper sat down with the veteran DJ and radio host for a chat about industry haters and more when they learned they were both “Taylors” — otherwise known as fans and crew of Wiz Khalifa.

Reflecting on a visit from Wiz two weeks prior, Whoo Kid shared how happy the rapper was to learn of Logic’s tribute tattoo before he persuaded the “Black and Yellow” hitmaker to approve one of his own.“He was here two weeks ago,” Whoo Kid explained. “He was happy that you actually got a Taylor Gang tattoo.”“Oh yeah, it’s right here,” Logic interjected, directing him to look at his inner left forearm.

No, please don’t say you got it right there,” Whoo Kid quickly replied. “Because of you, I asked Wiz right there — I said, ‘Yo, if this fucking guy Logic could get your tattoo, can I get your tattoo? I’ve been hanging with you for what, almost 20 years? I leaked ‘Black and Yellow.’ I debuted ‘We Dem Boyz.’ You know I tour with you now.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, get it. You can get it.’ So I went and got it.”DJ Whoo Kid then stood up to remove his shirt, revealing that he too had gotten “Taylor Gang” inked on his inner forearm

As for the significance of the tattoo, last fall Wiz Khalifa and Logic wrapped up their joint Vinyl Verse Summer Tour in St. Louis, Missouri, after a long trek across North America that kicked off in July 2022. Other artists on the tour included 24kGoldn, DJ Drama, Fedd The God and C Dot Castro.To mark the end of the tour and pay tribute to his co-headlining star, Logic surprised Wiz by getting a tattoo of the Pittsburgh rapper’s Taylor Gang logo on the inside of his arm.

For me, this tattoo is bigger than just like, ‘Oh, I like Wiz Khalifa,’” Logic explained in a video of him getting the ink done. “This is like a thank you, showing reverence, respect and love to the man who changed my perception of what is possible — and he got that big dick.”The clip then cuts to Logic going into Wiz’s dressing room and unveiling the new ink. A shocked Wiz opens his mouth and gasps in disbelief as the pair hug it out.

“That’s awesome, man,” Wiz says, before Logic tells him: “I told you! Remember I was like, ‘I got a surprise?’ I was like, ‘I can’t give it to you but it’ll last forever.’”Wiz replied: “That’s a fucking riddle right there … That’s like the ultimate love.”

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