Wack 100 has agreed to back down in his latest war of words with Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince under one condition.

The renewed animosity came after J. Prince pulled Cardi B into an online back-and-forth with Offset over comments made during Prince’s recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast on Sunday (February 5

As the two traded shots about a variety of accusations, the Houston mogul claimed that Offset once asked him to come to Los Angeles because he was “nervous” about Cardi performing in the city after she received threats from Crips over her use of the word “flue” — a slight against the gang’s trademark blue colors — in a 2018 social media post.

Cardi B responded to J. Prince soon after his post was uploaded, accusing the 57-year-old of telling “fairy tales” and pointing out that Wack 100 and Big U were “the only people that [were] there.

In his own post on Wednesday (February 8), Wack 100 corroborated Cardi’s account of events, writing that “@jprincerespect had nothing to do with that weekend or that issue. Shit was different back then between me and the other individual.”

He added: “It was simple a round table a understanding he cleared the way on his side and myself & the #Bompton Homies cleared it on our side. On top of that without mentioning names her management team was my brother and @offsetyrn was with me long before he met the #Bozo. #StopLying.”

Despite seeming ready to continue his feud, Wack 100 has apparently had a change of heart, thanks to the intervention of outside forces on both sides.

In an Instagram Story captured by 9MagTV, the veteran music manager explained what led him to decide to walk away from the latest iteration of their dispute.

M Rock called me today from Six Deuce Brim,” he explained. “And I guess he got some ties to somebody on J. Prince side. So I guess somebody called M Rock, my brother from Six Deuce Brim. Michael Walton, we go back 12-years-old, juvenile hall. M Rock respectfully asked me to chill out.”

“Shout out to my n-gga M Rock,” he continued. “I’ma respect you and honor what you asked me to do. Just as long as the terms is met: that they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone.

This isn’t the first time insults have been thrown between Wack 100 and J. Prince. Last summer, Prince labeled Wack “Officer Rat 100” due to his affiliation with 6ix9ine, who famously cooperated with federal authorities to help convict several members of Brooklyn’s Nine Trey Gangsters in 2019.

The pair’s feud stems from Prince’s belief that Wack 100 and 6ix9ine were “working against” Larry Hoover’s fight for freedom, as well as Wack’s disparaging comments about Nipsey Hussle, 2Pac, Master P and others.

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