Man exposes his girlfriend cheating on him and puts her in a video, making her cry, as she still had to drive him home [VIDEO]

Man makes girlfriend cry after exposing her cheating on him

People process disappointment in many ways. This is especially true, where matters of the heart are concerned. Nobody wants to be cheated on. So, when they are, they make it count. Many people have done extreme things to expose their partners for having an affair. None of them handled it how this guy did. He put his girlfriend on blast while she was driving him home. This guy had her crying, while he clowned her, filmed her, and exposed the messages.

Trust is difficult, especially in this day and age. What’s sad is how people simply refuse to be honest. On the outside looking in, it seems as if people want companionship. However, they just don’t want to have the commitment that goes with it. To that end, they turn to deception instead of being honest about their feelings. As a result, their partner ends up being hurt. That is the reason that people act out the way they do.

Few people want to feel the pain, alone, so they hurt the ones who hurt them. In this video, this man is laughing, but he continued saying one phrase. Trust. The man said he is never going to trust another woman. After all, his girlfriend was cheating on him, and he exposed it. Instead of acting out with his pain, the man just kept laughing at his now-ex girl. His laughter came from her still taking him home, as he was recording her and her DMs, showing how she cheated on him.

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