Rapper Charged in Death of Pregnant Woman Found Dead with Upper Body Trauma

Earlier this month, Shine My Crown reported the tragic killing of Alana Sims, a 22-year-old woman who was killed while pregnant with her unborn child. It has since been revealed that the suspect is 25-year-old rapper ACE NH, who has been arrested and charged with murder.

Police records show rapper, born Billy Bennett Adams III, wanted to celebrate beating a double homicide case and contacted Sims on January 30 to help him celebrate. While exiting her vehicle to meet him, police say he shot her while her toddler was sitting inside.

Adams “did admit to being the one to pull the trigger,” said Tampa Police Major Mike Stout. “I didn’t find him remorseful in watching my detectives do the interview, no. He did not want to be in her life anymore and was not ready to have a child is unfortunately how it appears to us.”

Court documents reveal Adams was in a love triangle between Sims and another woman and allegedly texted the woman to express his discontent that Sims was pregnant with his child.

Prosecutors say Adams also texted the woman stating that he wanted Sims out of his life and wanted freedom. “Tomorrow this sh*t done,” Adams texted the woman, according to court documents.

The woman allegedly replied, “This ain’t the way baby.”

Sims was known by family to be a “quiet, loving, bright spirit.” She was found lying dead near a car while her toddler was found sleeping inside.

Police say Billy Bennett Adams III wanted to celebrate beating a double homicide case and contacted Sims to help him celebrate.
Source: Tampa Bay Times

She was discovered dead shortly before midnight by Tampa Police, who say she was found with “upper body trauma.”

“It’s the most unbearable thing you can imagine can happen, happened,” Sims’ mother, Shahlevi Sims, told ABC Action News, a Florida-based TV station. “She was already pregnant, so my unborn grandchild, I miss her too; even if she wasn’t here, I’m still going to miss her.”

The distraught mother says that while she is still mourning the death of her daughter, she is glad her grandson was found safe.

“He’s among loved ones running around, and he’s running around, and he’s happy,” said Sims.

The victim’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to assist with the victim’s funeral costs.

“Alana has lost her life suddenly,” Sims wrote in a post on the GoFundMe page. “Alana was a devoted mother who has a son who she loved very much. She was murdered on Monday the 30th. She was 5 months pregnant at the time and leaves behind a 2-year-old. Please help us out in the time of need. Anything is appreciated. God bless.”

To date, the GoFundMe page has exceeded its $4,000 goal, amassing more than $17,000.

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