Cardi B and Offset continue to let their love shine with the launch of a new line of merchandise following the positive response to their special McDonald’s collaboration.

Last Sunday (February 12) the couple unveiled the Cardi B & Offset Meal, courtesy of the fast food giant in time for Valentine’s Day. The meal, featuring a cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder with cheese, barbecue sauce, large fries, an apple pie, a large Hi-C and a large Coke, made its debut during a 60-second spot that aired during Super Bowl LVII pre-game festivities.

Doubling down on the success of their collaboration with McDonald’s, the powerhouse couple have dropped a collection of clothing and accessories, echoing their love story, on their official website.

Featured in the collection is a series of long sleeved hoodies, crewneck tees and sweatshirts, dolphin shorts, and headgear in a vivid color palette of bubble gum pink, red, mustard yellow, forest green and tie-dye. Priced between $38 and $68, the swag is emblazoned with various graphics and catchy phrases showing the duos playful side.

Forever [heart emjoi] Day Drip #ValentinesDay,” tweeted Offset, providing fans with a preview of the launch earlier this week.

Standouts include a “nice buns” tee ($38), the “my dream date looks like this” pullover hoodie ($68), and a crewneck graphic tee featuring the slogan “apple of my eye,” which is offered in maroon and forest green ($38).

News of the drop comes shortly after Cardi B and Offset surprised fans when they popped up at a McDonald’s restaurant in the heart of New York City earlier this week in celebration of the launch of their collab meal.

A swarm of fans met the couple at the always-busy Times Square golden arches location on Tuesday afternoon (February 14), where Cardi and Set enjoyed their signature meal.

According to TMZ, there was a kiss cam inside for Cardi and Offset to take pictures with and they even ended up on the jumbotron for all of Times Square to see.

“Just a lil surprise appearance,” Cardi captioned her Instagram Story embracing the droves of fans with their phones out and waving.

The romantic ad opens with a woman explaining if she doesn’t know her boyfriend’s McDonald’s order then she doesn’t really know him, followed by several other couples speaking about their significant other’s go-to meal.

“He likes a Quarter Pounder and a Hi-C. No onions, just cheese. He a simple man,” Cardi says in the clip referring to Offset’s favorite order, before the topic of French fries comes into play.

One of the other boyfriends in the ad speak about getting “points” for sharing their fries, which prompts Offset to say: “If it’s mine, it’s hers. There ain’t no stealing.”

Offset and Cardi B join a short list of celebrities to receive their own McDonald’s meal as Saweetie, Travis Scott, J Balvin and BTS are among those to previously have their own meal for a limited time.

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