Lil Duval is back with more hot takes on Hip Hop – and this time he’s crediting the Afrobeats genre with potentially changing the culture’s entire landscape.The comedian took to Twitter on Sunday (February 19) to share his thoughts in a series of posts.

“afrobeats might be the death of hip hop as we know it,” Duval began – which was met with a lot pushback. He quickly followed up with another tweet to explain he wasn’t saying it as a diss.“I wasn’t saying hip hop is over i said ‘hip hop as we know it’ meaning like evolved into something bigger,” he clarified. “Meaning giving afrobeats props. I don’t [know] how some took offense.”He completed his thoughts by adding, “Tem fine af

Duval’s comments arrive after some others he made about Hip Hop earlier this month, where he said it seemed like the genre is more about podcasting now than music.Based on the responses to his tweet, it was a sentiment that his fans agreed with. “The conversations just better than the music. 90% of the songs are made in 15 minutes with no thought put into it. Microwave raps,” wrote one user. “Everybody just tryna make a way for themselves.. gotta respect the hustle,” added another follower.?

According to Verge, podcasting will be a $4billion industry by 2024 — not solely because of the rise in new podcasts or the time listeners spend streaming content, but also because of the advantages advertisers have in reaching their target audiences.Duval also traded shots online with Hip Hop star GloRilla last year, with the “F.N.F.” hitmaker clapping back at the comedian over a joke he made about how no one in their 20s should be named Gloria – which is GloRilla’s legal name.

Nobody over da age of 45 shouldn’t still have ‘lil’ in they name,” the Memphis rapper replied on Twitter, garnering over 123,000 likes in the process.Lil Duval took the jab in stride as he agreed that he’s a small person. “I’m lil tho,” he added.

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