Video Shows Maino Choke YouTuber Buba100x Following Tense Interview, Rapper Says Incident Was Staged

In a viral clip, Brooklyn rapper Maino can be seen putting YouTuber Buba100x in a chokehold following a tense interaction during an interview.

“Can I borrow your chain?” Buba100x asks Maino in the video berlow. “I can’t borrow your chain? Let me borrow it. Let me put on your chain so I can see how it feel. I wanna see how it feel to have on the chain.”

Maino, seemingly unimpressed by the interaction, replied, “See now you just chatting, I gave you a time now you just chatting.”

Buba continued to try and provoke Maino, asking, “On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you think I can beat your ass?” Maino responded by grabbing Buba by the neck, and saying, “I just told you, it’s not just a stupid video don’t play with me.”

After the clip started to make rounds online, Maino said that the whole thing was staged. “It was all part of the prank. It was fake,” he said while speaking to Angela Yee. “I wanted to make it look real.”

Buba, who has over half a million subscribers on YouTube, has steadily built a reputation for provoking and trolling rappers in his interviews. He also made headlines earlier this month after a prank he posted resulted in the arrest of a Bronx drill rapper. As North Jersey reported in February, Nas EBK was arrested after a video showed him and Buba antagonizing customers at a ShopRite.

The clip comes not long after Maino teamed up with Fabolous and Stuy Babyz for his new single and video “Best Of Me.” The song is set to appear on his next album, KOB 4, which is currently slated for release later this year.

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