Lola Brooke Stars In Timberland Campaign Celebrating 50 Years Of Hip-Hop

The brand is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of dropping their signature boot.

Lola Brooke stars in a new Timberland campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of both their original boot and Hip-Hop.

Throughout the commercial, the “Don’t Play With It” artist recites a spoken word piece regarding the ambitious lineage of the clothing brand and genre, both born in 1973.

The company posted its new campaign to social media, showcasing the Brooklynite dressed in a new colorway, Hip-Hop Royalty, for their iconic silhouette.

Royalty pays homage to the original four pillars of Hip-Hop — graffiti, MCing, DJing, and breakdancing. Their newly released colorway features subtle design changes referencing the genre, including a graffiti logo and microphone chord laces.

Timberland’s newly released collection includes the deep purple colored 6-inch boot, a matching bucket hat, and the original flavored Timbs.

The company captioned the ad on Instagram, detailing the connection between Timbs and Hip-Hop and why including Lola was essential.

The Original Timberland® Boot and Hip Hop were born in 1973 — that’s 50 years of an iconic combination,” the caption reads. “Hip Hop has impacted our brand enormously over the past five decades, so we’re proud to present Brooklyn emcee Lola Brooke, who is one of the voices carrying Hip Hop into the next 50 years, in the Timberland® Hip Hop Royalty Boot.”

“The Timberland Hip Hop Royalty Boot pays tribute to the four pillars of Hip Hop — DJ’ing, MC’ing, graffiti, breakdancing, and Sedgwick Ave, in The Bronx, New York, the place it all started.”

Timberland’s Hip-Hop Royalty 6-inch Waterproof Boots are available for purchase online for $210.

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