Memphis Bleek has reacted to a request from a loyal fan on social media wanting to see a joint album between himself and longtime friend JAY-Z.

On Saturday (March 11), a Twitter user made his wishes known loud and clear for Memphis Bleek to see. “I believe we need a @memphisbleek Jay-Z Collab album right now,” he tweeted. Memphis Bleek responded swiftly with plenty of enthusiasm to the musical idea.

“Shiiiiiiiiddddddd [Crying laughing emoji],” Memphis Bleek tweeted.

There were plenty of mixed opinions under Memphis Bleek’s tweet, but it was more curiosity than anything.

Both Memphis Bleek and JAY-Z have a storied past of collaborating on classic records such as “It’s Alright,” “Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)” and “Change The Game,” to name a few.

The spirit of music collaboration, or competition hasn’t been lost on Memphis Bleek, even though he hasn’t released music of his own since his 2014 offering, The Movement 2.

During a 2022 performance, Memphis Bleek called out Juelz Santana over his dismissal of there being any chance the former label-mates step on stage to do a Verzuz together.

Somebody tell that n-gga Juelz he better be fucking ready for this shit, you know what I mean,” Bleek said before taking a shot at Juelz’s subpar Verzuz performance with The Lox. “This shit real, n-gga. I don’t need no lyrics.”

Santana made the fiery challenge toward Bleek on a previous episode of Drink Champs.

I don’t think he want that,” he said. “I don’t even want to say that. He’s going to want what he wants, but the people don’t want that. I don’t want that. Matter fact, you could have that one. But Bleek good, though. I fuck with Bleek. I ain’t taking nothing away from him either, but I just put myself up there.”

He continued: “You can’t put me with him. That’s just it. As far as protégés and shit like that, I mean, n-ggas may say something about Juelz ain’t go as far as he’s supposed to ’cause I’m really supposed to be where Lil Wayne is at, but I can’t put him next to me.”

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