ATLANTA, GA – Peewee Longway has a pressing issue to deal with after claiming someone stole his Hellcat Durango, and he has questions that need answering.
The Atlanta rapper revealed in an Instagram post over the weekend that someone stole his vehicle while he was parked at a gas station. He claimed a young car thief hopped in his Hellcat and drove off with it.

Peewee made it very clear to his followers that he needed information from anyone in the area who saw what happened, and was not taking any excuse for an answer.

“Whoever in Ben hill Atlanta ga lil N-gga jumped in my trucc at raceway on Campbellton and berge I need info asap ain’t no sorry or I didn’t know not playing no games at all,” he wrote.

Peewee’s IG post has since been deleted, although it’s unclear if he has recovered his stolen truck.

Peewee Longway isn’t alone as car thefts have been on the rise in Atlanta. In 2021, Akon left his white Range Rover running while he was pumping gas, and when he returned, the car was gone.

The “Locked Up” singer was fortunate to have gotten his car back after alerting local authorities and using his phone’s GPS to help track down the luxury SUV. Police tracked the Range Rover to southwest Atlanta and then finally recovered his car later into the night in the Forest Park area.

Atlanta Police have warned people about leaving their cars running unattended since carjackings were up 47 percent in the city that year and it seems like the trend has only continued with Peewee Longway’s recent incident.

“Any time you stop your vehicle, and you leave your vehicle for just a split second, please turn your vehicle off and take your keys with you and secure your vehicle,” Lieutenant Dorian Graham said at the time Akon’s car was stolen. “We’re having far too many vehicles stolen because we are leaving our vehicles running.”

In January 2021, Ludacris had his Mercedes Benz stolen in Atlanta when he left his car running to make a quick stop at an ATM. Investigators were eventually able to return the Benz to Ludacris after it was discovered in a parking garage, in addition to finding his laptop, iPad and designer handbags.

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