Beanie Sigel has revealed that he didn’t want JAY-Z to hear his 2002 single “Roc The Mic” with Freeway.In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Beanie Sigel discussed how the single was created, along with its insertion on the State Property soundtrack in 2002. When Vlad asked Beanie Sigel about whether or not he knew “Roc The Mic” was going to be a hit, he replied “Nah.”

I almost told Free I was cool to get on the record,” he recalled. “Then we, uh, I’m tryna think. I think me and Bleek was supposed to been working on a project together. And uh, we went down to Miami to Circle House. It was a lot of stuff we was supposed to be doing down there. And, you know, n-ggas got to Miami and started just being all over the place.”He continued: “So me and Free was in there, and I remember I was in one room doing something and Free was like ‘Yo, I want you to come hear this record.’ And I’m like, alright, I’ll be over there because I’m locked in to whatever I was doing, cause I think me and Bleek couldn’t get on the same page for some reason or another down there.”Check out the full clip below:

Beanie Sigel continued explaining the origin story behind the track before he revealed that he didn’t want anybody to hear it, including Hov.“I didn’t even want JAY to hear it until we finished it,” Sigel said. “I’m like bro, nobody gettin’ on this record. That joint was crazy.”

In the same interview with Vlad, Beanie Sigel revealed that JAY-Z‘s lyrics on R.Kelly‘s “Fiesta” remix is what caused the beef between Roc-A-Fella and The LOX in the early 2000s. The tension between the two collectives made their beef one of the most memorable at the time, with all the lyrical jabs and disses that were hurled back in forth.

Kiss had that record. He was on that R. Kelly record,” Beans said about the original “Fiesta” track. “He didn’t take a shot at me. Jay took a shot at them. ‘After the party it’s the hotel lobby … and after the original it’s probably this.’ That ‘Fiesta’ joint. Kiss and them was on that joint first.”He continued: “It was a shot because it was a couple joints that they was on first and Jay jumped on joints and then you hear little stuff. We all know who the best is Big ain’t here so it was a lot of dark storm.”

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