Graf Says 50 Cent Would Have Been Welcomed At Chaz “Slim” Williams’s Funeral; Says There Are No Hard Feelings

Rapper Grafh said he has no issues with 50 Cent and put to rest any lingering doubts about the late Chaz “Slim” Williams’s feelings towards the G-Unit boss.

Rapper Grafh has come forward to clear the air about his relationship with 50 Cent and G-Unit despite a feud between Fif and Grafh’s former manager, Chaz “Slim” Williams.

The tension between Chaz Williams and 50 Cent dates back to their early days in the music industry. Chaz had managed 50 Cent during his time with Columbia Records, but their partnership soured after 50 Cent was infamously shot nine times in 2000.

Since then, rumors of Grafh being blackballed by 50 Cent due to his association with Chaz and Black Hand Entertainment have swirled around the Hip-Hop community.

However, Grafh has now stepped up to set the record straight. He recently revealed that he holds no grudges against 50 Cent or G-Unit, explaining that he has always felt love and respect from them. He said, “Anytime I seen him, it was always, the energy was always love.”

I never had a personal problem with 50. 50 from around my way. I f### with son, you know what I’m saying? Every time I seen him, it was love. Yeah. Shout out to 50, shout out to G-Unit. I think him and Chaz had their own relationship outside of me,” Grafh told during a recent interview.

Grafh also stressed that Chaz had a deep affection for 50 Cent, even when their personal relationship was strained. He stressed that Chaz always spoke highly of 50, despite their differences.,

Chaz Williams passed away in 2019, leaving behind a complicated legacy in the music industry. Grafh wanted to make sure that 50 Cent understood the true nature of their relationship.

Grafh emphasized that had 50 Cent attended Chaz’s funeral to pay his respects, he would have been welcomed with open arms

“if he had came to the funeral to pay his respects, I don’t know if he would’ve wanted to or not, but he would’ve been embraced. It was never no ill energy regarding his name in that circle; you know what I’m saying? So I’m glad I got to say that on this platform because I don’t know if he knows that,” Grafh told .

Hopefully, Grafh’s words have put to rest any lingering doubts about his relationship with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

Graf recently struck a deal with an NFT platform called The HUSL. And he has been busy dropping music with producer ..38 Spesh, including “Life Is Beautiful” featuring Stove God Cooks & Bun B and “Finesse” featuring Rome Streetz.

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