NLE Choppa Responds to Meagan Good Saying He’s ‘Too Young’ to Date Her

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NLE Choppa doesn’t think the age difference between him and Meagan Good is important.

The rapper responded to her via Twitter, writing, “Baby you ain’t too old , I ain’t too young, we just right in Gods eyes. Can we get a AMEN ? @MeaganGood.”

This whole back and forth started when NLE appeared on The Jason Lee Show and subsequently got clowned after Lee called Good for NLE and she seemingly hung up on the rapper.

However, it looks like the actress didn’t mean to end the call. “I did not [hang up the phone],” she told TMZ. “It got disconnected—my mom called and then I called him back ‘cause he’s a very sweet young man. It makes me sad that people are trying to drag him and make it seem like he was simping. No, he was very, very sweet—very, very respectful. And I did call back, I did not play the hell out of him.”

When asked what happened during the conversation, Good responded, “I’m very old. I’m just kidding; he’s too young for me,” adding that she was “definitely flattered.”

Jason Lee made the surprise call to Good on an episode of his show a few weeks back, after he and NLE discussed Good being newly single. NLE responded, “Man, I’ve been waiting on her.” He added, “I’ve been wanting to take her on a dinner. I wanna get some roses planned. I wanted to do some … shit I never did before for Meagan Good.”

The pair exchanged a few sentences before the call got disconnected. There’s a 21-year age gap between Good and NLE: Good is 41 years old and NLE is set to turn 21 in November.

Good got divorced last January from her now ex-husband DeVon Franklin. The pair had been married for nine years. At the time, Good said her divorce was “the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” but she is “still optimistic. I still am hopeful for the future. I still—maybe this isn’t a chapter, but I just feel that it’s my next act in life and I trust God.”

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