Snoop Dogg has applauded the NBA’s new policy regarding marijuana.

A report last month claimed the NBA would be removing marijuana from its list of banned substances, with the basketball league no longer drug testing players as part of a new seven-year collective bargaining agreement

One of the world’s most famous weed smokers, Snoop Dogg, recently appeared on ESPN with Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose to share his thoughts on the NBA’s changes.

“I thought about the medical side of it, the health benefits and how it could actually help ease the opioids and all of the pills that they’ve been given and the injections,” he said about his first reaction.

I thought about that side and how certain players have been able to have a beautiful life after sports because of the fact that they’ve been able to treat themselves with that.

“And now that the NBA is being lenient just like the NHL and just like Major League Baseball (MLB), it’s all the same thing.”

He added: “As long as it doesn’t enhance your skills to make you play better or give you an advantage, you should be able to treat yourself and heal yourself.”

Snoop Dogg has been a major advocate for professional sports leagues to relax marijuana restrictions to help the recovery of athletes.

“These athletes take these pills and they get addicted to these pills, but it still doesn’t give them the relief that they need,” he told Stephen A. Smith in August 2021 while he was filling in as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Through the CBD, THC, marijuana and cannabis, they’re able to find a relaxation and get the medical treatment they deserve without the later side effects.”

He added: “Hockey and baseball don’t test for marijuana, so it should be the same for basketball and football.”

Snoop Dogg announced his own cannabis brand in December 2022 under the name of Death Row Cannabis.

The product, which launched in January, is curated by AK, a “West Coast legacy cultivator and industry insider best known for RS11, Studio 54, and Shirazi strains from exotic cannabis breeder DEO.”

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