U.K. Rapper Rapman Announces Black Superhero Series “Supacell’ Coming To Netflix

Rapman shared the trailer for Supacell, a series centered around five ordinary Black South Londoners who discover they have superpowers.

British rapper and screenwriter Rapman has come a long way from the web series that brought him international acclaim, announcing his upcoming Netflix superhero series, Supacell.

Rapman gained initial success and caught the eye of Roc Nation with his viral three-part web series Shiro’s Story. After signing to Jay-Z’s entertainment agency, the South Londoner made his directorial debut with the musical crime drama Blue Story in 2019. Rapman discussed the movie with AllHipHop.com back in 2020. Watch the interview here.

Over the weekend, Rapman – real name Andrew Onwubolu – shared a trailer for the series on social media. He urged his followers, “Do not forget the name SUPACELL.” The show will follow a group of ordinary Black South Londoners who unexpectedly develop superpowers.

“We’re going global baby 190 countries. Get ready, Supacell to the world,” Rapman teased in the video. He also revealed that while the series is packed with special effects, “The deeper meaning of the show and the deeper theme of the show is love.” He also revealed that the only thing the main characters have in common is that they’re Black. Check out the trailer below.

Rapman Says ‘Supacell’ Uses Groundbreaking Technology To Highlight Black Skin

The series utilizes revolutionary technology to complement Black skin tones. The five Black protagonists were all filmed using an Arri 35 camera, reportedly the first in the U.K. to use the technology.

“It’s groundbreaking technology. Often with shows that only have one or two Black characters, they don’t look as good as it’s not the focus but this is different,” Rapman explained to Metro during a Netflix event. “The camera launched just before we started filming, and we had to pitch to use it.”

Meanwhile, Rapman revealed that the streaming service surpassed his already vast expectations for Supacell.

“I thought Netflix would see the script and feel like it’s a bit too big and tell us ‘Let’s reign it in,’” Rapman admitted. However, he claims in reality, it was “the opposite” adding, “they let us fly to the sky with it.” 

Rapman is yet to announce a release date, but Supacell is expected later this year.

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