Nick Fuentes Booted

Kanye West is full steam ahead on his presidential campaign, bringing his former collaborator Milo Yiannopoulos back into the mix, and their first order of business … firing Ye’s controversial right-hand man, Nick Fuentes

TMZ obtained emails sent from Milo — now officially YE2024’s Director of Political Operations — to Nick, and in one he says, “Your services on Ye’s exploratory team are terminated … and will not be required for any possible future campaign.”

You’ll recall, Nick is the white nationalist who accompanied West during his trip to see Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago last fall.

Milo also fired off an exit email to Ali Alexander, another one of Ye’s political advisors, who was recently forced to apologize after being accused of asking teenage boys for sexual pictures.

We reached out to Milo, and he confirmed the details in the e-mails. He also says he’s been in L.A. for the past week, talking to Ye about his presidential aspirations

You’ll recall, Milo was reportedly removed from the campaign team last year after Ye’s controversial interview with Alex Jones … and he reportedly blamed Nick and Ali for his firing.

Now that Milo’s back in the saddle, it would seem his next mission is finding out just how serious Ye is about running for the White House — and, after that, addressing the antisemitism West spewed for months.

That ridiculous Jonah Hill theory he floated won’t cut it on the campaign trail.

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