Ceaser Gets His Revenge After He’s Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’

Ceaser’s exit from “Black Ink Crew” was a result of a controversial video being leaked.
“Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser had a very controversial departure from the hit reality show. As we reported, a video of Ceaser allegedly abusing a dog went viral on social media. Donna was one of the first former cast members to bring attention to the video. She called for Ceaser’s firing and once the backlash rolled in, VH1 announced Ceaser would no longer be on the show. Interestingly enough, producers said that they would keep the footage Ceaser filmed before his exit. So fans of the show would be able to see how things were going up until that controversial point of Ceaser’s life.

To no surprise, Ceaser didn’t like how his time on “Black Ink Crew” ended. In fact, he did interviews and called out producers for moving so swiftly. Ceaser felt like his time on the network should have afforded him some grace. But things just did not play out that way due to the backlash he received from viewers. And by the end of his run, he began to think that producers used him and other past cast members in very unhealthy ways. In his opinion, their real problems weren’t treated delicately. So he thinks they were exploited.

Well, it looks as if Ceaser may get his revenge in the upcoming episodes of “Black Ink Crew.” In the supertrailer, Puma and Teddy want to do whatever it takes to move forward. Teddy asks Puma, “What we do? Go and get another shop?”

Puma answers, “Yeah. As long as you and me are here, it’s still Black Ink.”

Some people do not approve of Puma and Teddy’s plan.
When Puma breaks the news to the rest of the crew, Spyder is not happy. He screams, “Like got **** we ain’t even bury the body yet!”

Young Bae has a different concern. She tells Tati that she’s not okay with working for someone who isn’t a tattoo artist.

At some point, Puma comes to the conclusion that they need to really be thorough as they look for new artists. So he proposes they move a group of new artists into a house. And they will go through a process in which they have to prove themselves to be hired to work at the shop. However, those who aren’t able to produce will be kicked out of the house.

Spyder still isn’t on board. So he later pulls up to the scene with Ceaser seemingly in the car to hand over some legal papers to Puma and Teddy.

He tells them, “I came with Cease. He wanted me to deliver a message.” Spyder continues, “He didn’t give nobody the authority to open up any Black Ink.”

Another highlight from the trailer includes tense scenes between Rok and Krystal. Their engagement fell apart. And they are clashing as they attempt to still run a shop together.

In one scene Rok tells Krystal, “I don’t give a **** if you’re ******* another *****. Don’t disrespect me at the shop!”

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