Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her Workout Results and Teases a ‘Hottie Bootcamp’

The Hot Girl Coach shared a behind-the-scenes video of the hardcore workout routine that sculpted her body-ody.

Megan Thee Stallion is known for her statuesque beauty and she recently shared a new video showing how she keeps her body in flawless shape.

“Should I drop a HOTTIE BOOTCAMP,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram post that has since gone viral. In the video, Meg runs through squats, tricep presses, lat pulls, and hops on the elliptical all while JAY-Z and Pharrell Williams’ 2002 collaboration “Excuse Me Miss” plays in the background.

The feedback in the comment section was a unanimous “Yes!

If the 28-year-old rap star did drop a fitness video, it wouldn’t be the first time. Back in 2021, she partnered with Nike on a series of core and lower body workouts on the Nike Training Club app.

“I know I make it look so easy, but this didn’t happen overnight,” she said at the time in a promotional video for Nike, “Before I became Thee Stallion, I was a young girl in Houston just trying to find her way. Growing up, I remember people saying, ‘Girl you tall. You need to be playing basketball. No, you should be playing volleyball. With those legs, you need to run track.’ I tried them all, but they just weren’t for me. I knew I had to find my passion and do what made me happy.”

She detailed a 5 day a week training schedule, 12-hour dance rehearsals, and performing in front of sold-out crowds, “squatting half the time.”

Fans seem eager to get more fitness advice from the Hot Girl Coach. One wrote in the comments that she wants the Hottie Bootcamp, adding, “HELL YEAH!!! I mean….I might die…but I’ll be FINE AF in heaven!!!”

In a 2021 interview with Health Magazine, Megan talked about reshaping her body after the COVID pandemic lockdown. In addition to her workouts, she also practices clean and healthy eating like: spices to spike her metabolism, as well as nutritious smoothies, egg whites with real eggs, avocados, turkey bacon, and sliced almonds.

“This journey is not necessarily about losing weight but about me getting healthier in general and seeing how I can transform my body in the healthiest way possible,” she went on to explain. “So this is just about me cutting things from my diet, adding things to my diet, and figuring out what’s best for my overall health.”

Body-shaping videos might not be all we have coming from the gorgeous rap star. At the 2023 Academy Awards, Megan told Entertainment Tonight that she is working on a new album.

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