Young Dolph Murder Suspect Busted With Drugs And Phone In Jail Cell

Authorities have found narcotics and a cell phone in the jail cell of one of the suspects charged with fatally shooting Young Dolph.

While the murder trial to convict the men allegedly responsible for killing Young Dolph seems to be dragging on, one of the suspects keeps making headlines. This time, authorities found narcotics and a cell phone in the jail cell of one of the suspects charged with fatally shooting the Memphis rapper.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the contraband was found in the cell of Justin Johnson, who is also known as Straight Drop.

Details of when this bust happened or what kind of drugs he had in quarters are not known but are being held as evidence for the SCSO to conduct an investigation, FOX 13 reports.

The secret cell phone comes as no surprise. Straight Drop lost his right to make pre-paid or collect calls after he made a rap song while talking to someone on the phone.

The comments on the song, for the most part, showed outrage.

One wrote, “RIP Dolph!! This man took the life of a legend!”

“The police finna have a field day with this if I was his lawyer I’d straight drop this case,” The Maxamillion Dollaz Show said.,

According to reports, two of Young Dolph’s Paper Route Empire artists, Paper Route Woo and Snupe Bandz, issued statements addressing the track.

“It seem like somebody giving up some statements. It can’t be no statements. Somebody constantly getting pulled in so somebody giving some statements up,” said Paper Route Woo.

Authorities believe Hernandez Govan masterminded the murder plot. He was in custody but has made bond, so Paper Route Woo could be right.

“They just rapping about it, somebody talking in real life,” said Snupe Bandz.

Johnson is one of three suspects in custody.

The rapper, Cornelius Smith and Hernandez Govan have all been charged with first-degree murder in Young Dolph’s death. There are other counts leveled against the men, and with actions like finding drugs and phones in your cell, they are sure to work against the suspects when they finally head to trial.

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