Erykah Badu Calls Blueface “Trash” For Music Video

Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, came to his defense.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The ZEUS Network

Erykah Badu has deemed Blueface as “trash” in response to a clip of the rapper featuring several pregnant women in his latest music video

On Friday (June 2), the Baduizm creator shared a snippet of the visual for Blueface’s “BDD” track, in which the pregnant women can be seen dancing seductively around the rapper. In the caption of the post, Badu seemingly wished that Blueface would be affected negatively by his actions in the future, requesting that the “universe” do “it’s thing” due to him being “trash.” Being that the 51-year-old has been open about her spirituality, some fans have deduced that Badu’s response to the video was the equivalent of a spell being cast on Blueface by the singer.

While Blueface has yet to respond to Badu, the rapper’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, clapped back at the “On & On” songstress, referencing her 1997 hit “Tyrone” in her retort. In the comment section of The Shade Room’s post about Badu’s reaction, Saffold chided Badu, writing “Girl you was just calling Tyrone and paying his cousins and homeboys way don’t and ain’t nobody said nothing to you.”

Saffold coming to her son’s defense was a bit of a surprise considering she and Blueface are currently not on the best of terms, with the rapper recently claiming that he no longer has a mother. “F**k that lady,” the polarizing star said of Saffold back in April. “I don’t have a mom. She’s weird. She’s strange. I don’t know what her motive is, her angle.” He continued, adding “I don’t know what she is trying to accomplish with her outreaches and whatever she does. I really don’t care for her she’s not really in my best interest so what can I do with that.”

The full version of the “BDD” music video has since been released and finds Blueface rapping about his lack of loyalty to the women in his life. “Bi**h, you see d**k-d**k, come on, open your mouth/ I still f**k with Thotiana, we bussin’ it down/ She want me to bе the dad, but I don’t know her child/ I’m in and out of bi**h lifе, I’m not Oscar Proud,” he rhymes on the Scum Beatz-produced track. According to Blueface, each woman who appeared in the “BDD” music video were paid $1,500 cash in hundred-dollar bills.

Watch Blueface’s “BDD” music video below

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