Rick Ross‘ neighbors have yet another bone to pick with the MMG rapper as his car show reportedly caused damage miles past their Georgia town.

According to a report from MSN, the South Fulton, Georgia residents were “shocked” to learn that a plaza three miles away had been trashed after Ross’ car and bike show on Saturday (June 3) – and they believe it was from fans who couldn’t get into the show and just went there to party instead

The rapper’s attorney has denied any link between his client and the trash, but residents are reportedly calling on him to take responsibility.

Rick Ross received a ton of pushback heading into the annual event as well, including police concern for “the potential impact” it could have on the community.

“Rest assured, we will make every attempt to mitigate the impact on our local community,” a spokesperson for the department said in a statement to FOX 5 ahead of the event. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of South Fulton residents and businesses. We have formulated a strategic plan to manage the situation effectively

He was also initially denied a permit by Fayette County before being approved in the final hour, and had complaints from neighbors that worried the traffic would be an issue. However, Rozay took the time to assume them that the car show would be good for the community, noting that they could make some extra money by charging attendees for parking.

You know what we did to the financial literacy of the community — not just Fayette, not just Fulton — it goes around,” he said in an Instagram post. “These Airbnbs going through the roof. It’s gon’ be more gas sold on June 3 than y’all sold in six months. Y’all gotta think of the financial literacy that Rozay bringing to the table.

“It ain’t too late to print your signs. The closer you are to the Promise Land, charge ’em $100 a parking spot. The further you are, charge ’em $50. Come on y’all. Y’all wanna make some money or not? We got car washes coming out here, we feeding a lot of people.”

Despite the alleged after-math, the show itself went on without a hitch and included appearances from Gucci Mane, Meek Mill and Tyler, the Creator, among others.

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