No Dipset Bias Here …

Cam’ron is publicly supporting Jim Jones amid the brooding brouhaha with Pusha T … saying it’s very clear who’s got the better rhymes.

On Wednesday, Killa Cam fanned the flames and admitted he and Jim don’t always see eye to eye … but instructed Pusha NOT to use their past tensions as fuel for his future disses.

Cam says he’s Team Harlem all the way and still acknowledged Pusha’s rap skills. Nonetheless, he thinks Jim is currently winning the rap battle and won’t give the Clipse rapper any points for using him as a prop — he’s retired as a rapper!!!

Jim took to those same Harlem streets to splash ether in Pusha’s face with a fiery response. The Diplomat rapper threw jabs at Pusha, his brother Malice and their fashion sense, among other things.

Unlike Cam, Jadakiss isn’t digging on how things are unfolding but the gloves seem to be off in this bout!!!

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