Rising Rapper Superstar Pride Booked On Murder Charge

Rising Rapper Superstar Pride Booked On Murder Charge

Popular rapper Superstar Pride has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, after police say he’s the triggerman in a shooting death.

The Panola County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi says deputies were called to a residence Wednesday afternoon, where they found a 40-year-old man dead from gunshot wounds … cops say the ensuing investigation led them to believe Superstar Pride was the suspect

The “Painting Pictures” rapper surrendered to authorities a few hours later, and deputies say he was booked at the Panola County Detention Center. Prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder.

Superstar Pride recently blew up in the music industry … his song first went viral on TikTok and he’s since made a music video and the track’s reached the Top 25 on the Billboard charts.

The 20-year-old rapper, originally from the forests of Panola County, Mississippi, had recently relocated to Los Angeles.

His rapid rise to fame began when a TikTok clip of “Painting Pictures” went viral, amassing 2.3 million views in just four hours. The track’s success led to it reaching No. 1 on Urban Radio for the week ending May 11.

Despite the current charges, Superstar Pride had plans for a debut album titled 777, set to release on July 7. His journey from recording tracks on an Android tablet in his early teens to chart-topping success has been a testament to his determination and talent.

However, the recent murder charge has cast a shadow over his burgeoning career. He was booked at the Panola County Detention Center and is being held without bond.

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