Quavo has reportedly been the victim of an armed robbery while aboard a yacht in Miami, though details of the incident remain scarce.

Per local Florida outlet 7 News Miami, cameras saw a heavy police presence on Sunday (July 23) near The Wharf Miami just after 10 p.m., with the owner of a luxury yacht telling the outlet they chartered the vessel earlier in the day for a party between 13 and 17 people.

Those people allegedly held up the captain at gunpoint when it was time to return the yacht, and demanded they get their money back. The captain allegedly told police the individuals threatened to kill him and dump him overboard. A suspect then removed the captain’s wallet and phone from his pocket before threatening another crew member.

The police report reads that Quavo, real name is Quavious Marshall, was also on board the boat. 7News reports that Quavo was detained on sight with his hands zip-tied behind his back. 7News cameras also reportedly captured the rapper leaving the establishment with a shirt covering his face

The boat’s owner said no one was hurt and that another crew member had a cellphone and was able to secretly text for help.

“People are just raising their hands up, so we were kind of wondering what’s going on,” Witness Terence Quek told 7News Miami. “We didn’t think it was anything big until, like, there’s cop cars coming from the other side as well, so it was kind of like an ambush from both sides, and that’s when we got rushed out, we saw police holding guns, rushing in. It’s a crazy scene, I’m not going to lie, yeah.”

The police report also noted text messages that showed disagreements about boat rental hours. Police also found two guns on board, but said they weren’t ever fired.

The snafu comes as Quavo continues to hype up his forthcoming album Rocket Power, which will be a tribute to former Migos member Takeoff, who was shot and killed last November.

Quavo recently upload a black-and-white still image of his late nephew with another heartfelt message dedicated to the late rapper

“Think About You All The Time I’ll Never Forget About You!!!,” he began. “I Miss U So Much And NoOne Will Take Yo Spot Twin U My Left Hand [left hand emoji] Come On Now!!! OTHERSIDE BOYS.”

In preparation for Rocket Power, the “Bad and Boujee” rapper dropped his merch line last month in Paris which was inspired by TakeOff, but bears the same name as his new album.

The collection received its own pop-up shop in the city’s popular Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth amid Paris Fashion Week.

His upcoming album, Rocket Power was expected to be released on July 14, but the day came and went without a drop

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