J. Cole is celebrating the women in Hip-Hop. Cole is the latest rap icon to sit with Kevin Hart for his Hart to Hart interview series on Peacock. During the conversation, the Dreamville leader highlighted the work women are putting in across the industry.

“It’s a whole different ball game,” Cole opened. “I’ve been feeling this for like maybe a year or two. I hate to say it cause it almost sounds like pandering, but I really do think like, man, it’s a lot of fire female rappers.

“You always had a Lil Kim, a Foxy, but there could never be more than one almost it felt like. Now, we’re getting moments and moments and moments. I think it’s hard.”

Those comments contrast those of Fabolous, who recently stirred controversy with his remarks regarding female rap. In an interview, he expressed his thoughts on the current state of female artists in the genre, drawing criticism from both fans and fellow artists. While some argue that his comments were taken out of context, others view them as perpetuating harmful stereotypes and undermining the progress made by women in rap music.

Fabolous suggested that female rappers are focused more on their image and sexuality rather than their lyrical prowess. He stated that female artists are using their sex appeal as a primary marketing strategy, which, according to him, overshadows their actual talent.

“Love hearing the female rappers talking some real sitt,” Fab said. “Women are so strong, have so many stories and perspectives that we need to hear in pure form.

“No disrespect to any of the female rappers out, but I think there’s only one style of female rap/hip hop being promoted, programmed, and looked at as successful now.”

These remarks ignited a backlash as many felt that he was disregarding the hard work and artistic abilities of female rappers who have achieved significant success.

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