Erykah Badu has thrown shade at Beyoncé for allegedly copying her style — specifically, Badu’s signature type of headwear.

On Sunday (July 30), the R&B legend posted a picture on her Instagram Stories of Beyoncé during her latest Renaissance Tour stop in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Bey and her eldest daughter Blue Ivy wore matching bedazzled “IV” jerseys and knee-high boots, with JAY-Z’s superstar wife also sporting a metallic, wide-brimmed hat.

Erykah appeared skeptical about how Beyoncé decided on her choice of headwear, as shimmering, wide-brimmed hats have been her signature look for years.

“Hmmm,” she wrote underneath the picture of Bey’s outfit. She then posted a picture of herself performing in a hat similar to the former Destiny’s Child singer’s, adding: “I guess I’m everyone’s stylist. favorite chrome mirror hat.”

Erykah Badu recently wrapped up her own massive co-headlining Unfollow Me Tour with Yasiin Bey. The trek kicked off last month in San Antonio, Texas and swung through New York, Atlanta, Nashville and other cities before coming to a close in Dallas on July 23.

In an interview with VIBE just before the tour began, the “On & On” songstress said that the tour’s name “absolutely” had to do with the cancel culture that currently exists within our society.

It definitely has to do with cancel culture,” she said. “It’s funny. It’s become a Baduizm, pretty much. Whenever someone says something in the comments, they don’t agree, I don’t care, unfollow me, doesn’t matter.”

“I also say unfollow me because I’m lost too,” she continued. “We all on an individual journey, we’re finding our way. So following me wouldn’t really benefit you because you are on your journey. That’s your cup you’re drinking out, this is mine. And I want to encourage people to do that too, and it’s a reminder to myself

As for Beyoncé, her Renaissance Tour has been a massive spectacle all summer long. While performing in Toronto earlier this month, she shouted out one lucky fan’s mother who was in the audience celebrating her birthday.

The “Cuff It” singer also met with a few fans outside of her show in Barcelona, Spain, and was seen on video

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