Drake‘s “Back to Back” has soundtracked an irritated rapper’s diss track which is aimed at Netflix and its new password-sharing policy.

An emerging rapper by the name of Malcolm Whyz3 has gone viral with his threats toward the streaming giant that he’s turned into some catchy rhymes.

“Fuck yo Netflix and chill you really up next to be killed/ I’m really gonna need the answers what’s going on with this bill/ Didn’t y’all used to be like $9.99 but I’m telling you right now the price is too damn high,” he raps.

“Man y’all used to be cool but lately it’s been a pass/ How are y’all a streaming service but still showing its ass/ Yeah this the final straw I’m done that’s it/ You was supposed to replace cable not become that shit.”

The Colorado native then calls out Netflix for their best recent show being Squid Game and how he can’t even use his friends’ or family’s accounts anymore.

“Y’all remove the good shows and we don’t see ’em again/ And we can’t even share the password with family and friends,” he testifies over the 40 and NAV production.

“Back to Back” served as a devastating knockout blow to Meek Mill in his 2015 feud with Drake after he accused the OVO boss of using ghostwriters.

Meanwhile, back in May, Netflix cracked down on password sharing to make sure users were only limited to use within their household and not having one account being used by groups of friends and family across the country.

While that angered plenty of fans, Netflix’s subscriber base enjoyed a huge boost and they’ve even surpassed sign-up totals that spiked at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Mashable.

Netflix received over 100,000 daily sign-ups for new accounts on May 26 and May 27 as a result of the new password-sharing policy being implemented days prior on May 23.

Netflix isn’t the only company receiving smoke from Malcolm as he also dissed Apple for overcharging their consumers for products over 2Pac’s famed “Hit Em Up” instrumental earlier this summer.

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