Quavo Huncho took the stage on the solo tip as he rolled out his debut album minus the Migos at the Hayden Planetarium last night for well over 800 fans and executives with two separate installments of listening sessions.

Located on the upper west side of Central Park West, Quavo did not disappoint as listeners leaned back into their seats and rocked out in a ‘sky theater’ where special projectors created a simulation of the night sky on a dome ceiling. Fans and executives were able to view star choreographed visuals where his nephew, the late “TakeOff” was able to be seen amongst the stars while Quavo performed and interacted with the audience.

The entire album was an ode to his brother who died earlier this year. “Galaxy” and “Turn Yo Click Up” featuring Future seemed to be fan faves as all attendees looked up into a galaxy of stars, planets, and meteors in this highly interactive listening experience

Bitter sweet, the album is fire but the absence of TakeOff and OffSet was definitely felt. “Not Done Yet” is the anthem for anyone needing a pocket of inspiration. Taking losses in life come with the territory, but it’s all about how one adjusts to the meteors thrown in one’s path.Check out excerpts from the event below. -Lynn Hobson

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