Quavo Releases Touching Music Video For “Hold Me”

Quavo put together the perfect tribute to Takeoff.

Another anticipated album this year was Quavo’s Rocket Power and it delivered. The project is a tribute to the late and great member of the MigosTakeoff. He tragically passed away nine months ago after an altercation broke out over a dice game. It was news that put the world of hip-hop on pause for quite some time and it is still hard for many to remember that night. Obviously, Quavo took the news harder than most, but this new album was giving him power and therapy throughout the process.

A few months ago he shared a post on Instagram and shared some details about Rocket Power. He said in the caption, “Rocket Power keeps me going, rocket power gives me fuel. Rocket Power will help us all overcome whatever we’re going through.” One song that shows Quavo’s strength, but also his vulnerability is “Hold Me.” The lyrics are heartfelt and speak about his mental state and his connection with God to help him.

The music video is perfect and it matches the message of the song beautifully. In the first half, it shows people close to Takeoff coming together to celebrate his life. In the second half of the video, Quavo is performing live in what looks to be a show for his running mate. It is a gorgeous set of visuals to go with the raw emotion of the song.

What are your thoughts on this music video for Quavo’s song “Hold Me” off of Rocket Power? Did this music video get you in the feels? Is this the best song on the album? We want to know what all of your thoughts and opinions are, so be sure to put them in the comments section below. Additionally, keep it locked in with HNHH for all the hottest music videos and breaking news around the music world. Also, our continued thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Takeoff’s family and friends.

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