Cam’ron and Ma$e have reached a lucrative deal to bring their It Is What It Is talk show to a new home.

The pair of Harlem rap dignitaries announced on Monday (August 21) that they’ve reached an agreement to sign an eight-figure deal with Underdog Fantasy

It Is What It Is‘ partnership with Underdog will begin in September with football season right around the corner and last for a total of 18 months. Although, fans will still be able to find the talk show on the Come and Talk 2 Me YouTube page.

“Thank you Nick [Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy],” Cam said in a statement. “We appreciate you seeing the true value of It is What it Is.”

He added on Instagram of the deal: “Yo @rsvpmase now we even. It’s ya go again. Pause lol. All jokes aside thank you for everything. Now let’s go kĩll these n-ggas! @itiswhatitis_talk BIG HARLEM!! THE BIGEST!!! PAWS And thank you @underdogfantasy.”

Check out his posts below:

Cam referencing how he and Ma$e are “even now” dates back to the Dipset rapper’s entry into the music game as Ma$e introduced him to Biggie in the ’90s which led to Killa inking a deal with Untertainment and Epic Records.

Underdog Fantasy is no stranger to embracing controversy as they previously partnered with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas for his bold Gil’s Arena podcast.

In addition to making sure the money was right, Cam’ron laid out the parameters for potential deals in March when he explained that they had to “offer something I ain’t got.”

“A lot of n-ggas hollerin’ at me to try and buy my show or make my show a part of what they’re doing. And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else. This is fully funded by me. I didn’t go get no help. I ain’t got no partners. I ain’t got no bank,” he said.

“They came and did all this shit and y’all gonna have to offer something I ain’t got. Now you don’t know what I got, but you could assume what I got. I’m not gon’ be unreasonable but you gotta be fair. But right now, with the time being, we gon’ have fun.”

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