Soulja Boy wants his fans to know he is not a member of the Illuminati and has all love for God. “When I first got in the rap game, a lot of people was like ‘Soulja Boy joined the illuminati. That’s how he got his money, that’s how he got rich.’ All you gotta do is believe in God and stay down. Nothing can f-ck with you

He added, “When you really believe in God, you gon’ go through s–t. You gon’ see the media lying on you, you gon’ see n–gas you don’t know beefing with you out of nowhere, hating on you. You go through more s–t when you f—in’ with God.”

Soulja Boy is facing financial hardships, according to a judge. Soulja Boy was attempting to have a six-figure judgment thrown out due to struggling with money, only to find out he actually is.

According to, Soulja Boy’s argument was not convincing, and he is still on the hook to pay his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers for an alleged assault. Myers stated that Soulja Boy hit her head with a gun at a 2019 house party. Soulja Boy has been ordered to pay $472,000. Half of the total is for damages, and the other half is for punitive damages.

Soulja Boy currently makes $10,000 to $50,000 a show, but a $1 million tax debt counters that.

After analyzing the details, a judge noted the rapper’s “net worth is negative” but still awarded Myers her payment.

“While it is not clear that defendant could just snap his fingers and book as many shows as he would like, neither is it clear that he cannot work at all. It might not be the work he wants (and he might not be headlining), but the court has no reason to believe that he cannot perform at all,” the judge said.

The judge also suggested the rapper moves to a more modest home around $10,000 a month.

DeAndre Cortez Way, publicly known as Soulja Boy, has been an influential figure in the music industry for over a decade. From his breakthrough hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” to his entrepreneurial ventures, he has left a mark on the hip-hop industry. However, behind the fame and success lies a significant financial challenge – Soulja Boy’s tax debt.

In recent years, Soulja Boy has faced legal and financial battles, with one of the most pressing issues being his tax debt. According to reports, the artist owed a substantial sum to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) due to unpaid taxes. This predicament highlights many high-earning individuals’ common struggle

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