Blueface‘s scheduled boxing match against Salt Papi will no longer go down on October 14 – after reportedly getting stabbed during a routine workout.

Blue revealed the delay on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (August 23). Alongside security footage that shows him in a confrontation with another man at the gym, he wrote, “I won’t be able to fight October 14th I was stabbed by some random guy today won’t heal up in time.”

He then posted it to his Instagram feed and added, “Don’t say I ducked none bro came with a dog an a knife at 10am.”

According to TMZ, Blue’s trainer David Kaminsky said things got heated quickly because the attacker started yelling “I’m gonna kill you” to Blueface as soon as he entered the gym and saw him. He said the guy stabbed Blueface in the leg, and then fled. Witnesses say he was in a black Tesla Model S and had a Rottweiler with him.

You can view the clip below. It cuts off before the stabbing.

In other Blueface news, it appears he may be back with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock after the pair were spotted together at blogger Jason Lee’s birthday party over the weekend.

This news may thrill fans of the couple, but it certainly won’t please Blueface’s baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, with whom he shares two children, and with whom he got back together with earlier this year.

Despite purchasing Jaidyn Alexis a fancy car and showing off her BBL, recent reports have indicated that there may have been trouble in paradise between the couple after all.

In a recently surfaced but undated video, the lovebirds can be seen collaborating on an unnamed song. The song lyric required Alexis to say “last time I checked, I checked out,” but she couldn’t quite make out the words.

After the third failed try, the “Thotiana” rapper lost his cool. “Damn! What the fuck?” he says in the video while slapping his leg. “What don’t you know? WHAT THE HELL! What don’t you know? One plus one equals fucking two. What don’t you know?”

The pair then go back and forth for a little while, with Alexis saying that Blueface is “mean,” after which he offers a half-hearted apology in return.

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