Victoria Monét has become a rising star in the R&B world, and with her new album, Jaguar II, she’s hopes to put to rest the opinions of her being an overlooked artist.

Speaking to Nadeska Alexis for Apple Music’s R&B Now, the talented singer touched on the notion that she’s an “underrated” artist and how staying true to her path as a creative force keeps her grounded.

“Yeah, I definitely had to have a lot of grace with myself,” she said. “When I was little I just had a certain idea about age and what should be accomplished by a certain age. I was like, oh, successful, 23, kids. I just thought that 23 was such a developed old age that you should have a house.

“All of these things that I don’t know why I felt like it was that age and now I feel completely different. I’m like, I would’ve not been ready even as far as breaking into a certain amount of success that I feel is coming.”

She added: “I thought that I would be ready at 23, 24, and I’m just glad that it didn’t happen then. So I’m thankful for the challenges because now that I’m here, it’s so much anticipation.”

“I’m just so much more thankful for the things and I get all of the tweets saying that I’m underrated. So I’m hoping Jaguar II changes that narrative, like you were saying.”

Earlier in the interview, Victoria Monét spoke about creating her viral hit, “On My Mama,” while dealing with postpartum depression as a new mother.

“I feel like it was the grace of God because it’s hard to answer that,” the mother of one stated. “It was rough. Just even vocally, the vocal changes after having abdomen sliced open through a couple layers just like, and then breastfeeding in the studio, just felt like I just didn’t really know what to say and what I had to offer in a music space. So I think maybe that’s when the 10,000 hours kicked in.”

She went on: “It’s just like, I’m not myself right now, but the rehearsed version, the clone version of myself that I’m leaning on, she’s helping me out right now. The angels spoke, so I’m glad that song is a mix between something that makes you want to dance, but also something that speaks light into you, which I love that combination.”

“It doesn’t feel like it’s too preachy and you might just mindlessly be singing the lyrics, but even if you just sing the lyrics, you’re talking good about yourself, which I think is so important for people.”

Victoria Monét also told viewers about her favorite track of Jaguar II, which is a follow-up to 2020’s Jaguar. “I really like ‘How Does It Make You Feel?’ It feels timeless to me, and that’s one of the things that I try to really create,” Monét said.

“I also, I can’t not be proud of ‘Hollywood’ because of Earth, Wind and Fire and [daughter] Hazel and maybe the song will always be somewhat relevant because there’s always something going on in the world. So just a time to sit back and reflect will always I think, make sense and be necessary.”

“And really just my collaborators. Collaborating with my friends is awesome. It’s not like I got an A&R to be like, “Yo, this producer’s hot. You should work with him.” It’s really my friends. And so that’s the best part about it is making something magical that I feel. And creating memories with some of your favorite people in the world at the same time.”

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