Charleston White Cuts Boxing Opponent During Hotel Altercation

White hit Suede the Plug God with a “pig poker”.

Charleston White literally cut a man in Tempe last night. After pepper spraying his boxing opponent the day before, White got into an altercation with a man at his hotel. The man appears to shove White, who then hits him with an unfolded flip knife, colloquially referred to as a “pig poker”. They jaw at one another for a minute or so, White now brandishing the knife, before the man gets into the elevator. The video, shot by one of the man’s friends, shows that the man is bleeding from a laceration on his head. It was later revealed that this was once again Suede the Plug God, White’s boxing opponent. It’s unclear if the fight actually proceeded.

It’s yet more drama for the controversial YouTuber and Holocaust denier. As mentioned, White maced his opponent at their face-off on August 25. Furthermore, as mentioned, there is no record of the fight actually occurring. However, some Twitter users are claiming that White was disqualified, although those reports are unconfirmed. White later showed off his knife on a livestream while bragging about harming Suede.

Charleston White Warned To Keep Nipsey Hussle’s Name Out His Mouth

Of course, this wasn’t the only drama White found himself during the weekend. Footage has a livestream emerge showing White confronted by a different group of people. In this case, it was a group of people who were friends with the late Nipsey Hussle. White was no find of Nipsey and has often gone out of his way to trash the late rapper. In the video, one person can be heard telling White to “keep Nip’s name out your mouth”, which leads to a full-blown confrontation. White responds by attempting to mace the group. As they rush inside the hotel, they can be heard saying “why n*gga spraying shit?” Both knives and mace are fully legal in the state of Arizona.

At this point, it only feels right to question what situation White is going to find himself in next. He clearly enjoys squaring off with people and lashing out when he needs to. However, it does appear that people are starting to tire of his antics. He is getting more and more heat these days. Furthermore, Instagram recently banned his profile for a fourth time as he continues to push the boundaries of what can be posted on the platform.

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