Rubi Rose Admits To Photoshopping Photos, Claims “Almost All” Girls Do The Same

Do you think more celebrities should be transparent about the alterations their uploads go through?

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, it’s easier than ever for internet users to alter their images with platforms like FaceApp or Photoshop. While it’s not unreasonable to remove distracting objects from the background or brighten a smile here and there, the lengths that some go to to enhance their looks is extreme. Some celebrities have been caught up in embarrassing editing blunders over the years, but others have an extreme talent for subtly switching up seemingly minute details on their body or face. Among the latter category is Rubi Rose, who recently confirmed that she does make changes to her selfies every now and then.

“I photoshop my pictures,” the Kentucky native admitted on Big Facts Pod. “I tell people that too, so maybe that might throw them off sometimes,” Rose further explained. According to her, “almost all girls” make edits to the content they post online in some capacity. Unsurprisingly, a lot of women are disputing her message in @thejasminebrand’s comment section.

Rubi Rose Reveals Some of Her IG Uploads Are Altered

“Chile the average girl doesn’t know how to Photoshop lol,” one person wrote. “Don’t put us in it.” Elsewhere, others argued that using the popular filters available on platforms like TikTok and IG are no different than professionally editing your appearance on the Adobe platform. “She’s right, using a filter is a type of Photoshop,” another user chimed in. “It’s okay, magazines have been doing it for decades,” they pointed out.

Though she admits to enhancing her photos when she feels they need it, Rubi Rose has never been one to concern herself with the larger risks and commitments that come with plastic surgery. Instead, she constantly reminds us that her slim thick body is “natural asf” in her never-ending thirst traps. See some of her spiciest summer thirst traps at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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