Plies has condemned disciplinary aggression in a new social media post in which he addresses coaches who are too tough on youth players and how it has negative effects in the long run.

The Miami native took to social media on Tuesday (August 29) to call out those who’re unnecessarily aggressive on kids while teaching them a craft. The rant was the result of a video he saw online where a sports instructor is roughing up the athletes under his care.

“If you gotta put your muthafuckin’ hand on somebody children,” he began. “Fuck, n-gga, you need to be doin’ something else! Mad at these muthafuckin’ children, n-gga, ’cause you done failed that life. And you wanna act like you makin’ them muthafuckin’ tough. 40, 30, 50-some muthafuckin’ years old talkin’ to these littleass kids — 9, 13, 15, 16 years old — like they muthafuckin’ grown.”

He added: “You that muthafuckin’ mad, fuck n-gga, go join the army! Go join the army, n-gga. ’Bout a muthafuckin’ football game. And all you muthafuckin’ doin’ is passing down muthafuckin’ trauma, n-gga, that you had when you was muthafuckin’ playing.”

Check out the full clip below:

The “Shawty” hitmaker has been involved with the sports, and more specifically football, from an early age. Prior to his career in Hip Hop, he was a wide receiver on Miami University’s Redskins football team in Ohio from 1996 to 1997.

Earlier this year, Plies landed in the hole for $50,000 after making a five-figure wager on TCU in the 2023 College Football National Championship game, in which the Horned Frogs were demolished by Georgia in record fashion.

The Floridian confidently tweeted about his bet on TCU prior to the game, saying he liked them to win the title despite the team being a 14-point underdog.

“I Got $50,000 On TCU Tonight I Like’em Str8 Up,” he tweeted in early January.

Unfortunately for Plies, he was on the wrong side of the worst defeat in Bowl Championship Series history as TCU was annihilated by the Georgia Bulldogs by 65-7 in a game that was mostly non-competitive from the kick-off and a clear mismatch of talent.

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