TDE founder Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith has called out a police officer for “harassing” him.

The Top Dawg Entertainment boss took to Instagram on Thursday (August 31) to share a photo of himself handcuffed next to a police car.

In the caption, he called the cop a “klown” for allegedly cuffing him for 40 minutes over “tinted windows,” before letting him go without a warning.

“No matter how much you change or how many great things you do in the community. Some of these mofos still out here harassing n-ggas,” the record executive vented.

“All I wanted to do was eat but this klown had me cuffed out front 40mins. He got folks out here looking at me like i’m a criminal.

“He said he stop me for tinted windows. This dude searched my car and let me go with no ticket smh. This not the type of jewelry I like. Get Josh on the phone.”

Top Dawg previously opened up about the troubles he faced growing up in Los Angeles during an interview with Billboard in 2017.

“Growing up in the era of the gangsta shit, a lot of my friends were getting killed, a lot of friends were in the pen, I got shot,” he said. “When I got with the [TDE artists], it was up to me to show them something different — to lock them in my studio and make them build a bond as brothers, and struggle a little bit.

“I had the money to do whatever I wanted, but they weren’t going to appreciate shit if I just handed it off to them. So they were rushing to McDonald’s to look at what’s on the dollar menu, or going to get a River Boat special from Louisiana Fried Chicken.”

He continued: “But I was showing them family life because my family lives in this house, too. Me being in the streets all my life, I judge people pretty good. Jay Rock is from my hood, Nickerson Gardens. I was chasing him around and he hides, thinking I’m trying to discipline him about some bullshit.

“I finally catch him while he was getting a haircut: ‘Yo, you rap. I’m trying to do this shit. Let’s go.’ Dave [Free] was a computer dude, he came to fuck with my computer and played [Kendrick Lamar’s] music.”

Despite his brush with the law, Top Dawg’s powerhouse label has stayed relatively busy in 2023, releasing two albums so far from Lance Skiiiwalker (Audiodidactic) and Reason (Porches).

The continued success of SZA’s record-breaking 2022 LP SOS has also been a major boon for TDE this year, while new projects from Jay RockScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul appear to be in the works.

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