Nick Cannon and one of his sons’ mother, Bre Tiesi, had some fun recently recreating a scene from the 2009 Wayans family film, Dance Flick.

Poking fun at himself for having so many children with the idea that his time with them would be brief, the scene they chose is when Baby Daddy (Shawn Wayans) stops by his ex’s house to “pick up” his son – which is quite literally lifting him up and then exiting

A good Father always picks up his son @bre_tiesi,” Nick captioned the clip.

Check it out below, along with the original scene for reference.

50 Cent recently questioned why Nick Cannon would have 12 children, noting that he can’t imagine having that many kids in one house.

In an interview with Forbes, 50 spoke on his regret at buying a large mansion for himself, and added that he still took up the same amount of space as he would have in a smaller home. He noted that Cannon and his plethora of babies likely would have appreciated the space.

“If I had Nick Cannon’s 12 kids or shit like that, you could put them all in a bedroom. Everybody’s here,” 50 joked. “But I’m not going to have kids like that. I don’t want the responsibility of that many women that you got to deal with emotionally, especially after they don’t feel like your friend anymore.”

He added, “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with Nick Cannon,” and quickly corrected himself, saying that the “old 50 Cent” slipped out and he is now the “new” version of himself.

50 Cent and Cannon have a long history of trading shots, with the latter most recently clowning the G-Unit leader for his weight gain in recent years.

“You can, like, fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago,” he said. “That’s a different Fif than this fat n-gga that’s walking around now.”

I still would date the shit out of him,” Cannon’s co-host, Mason Moussette, added.

“I guarantee you, 50 Cent will come on this show,” Cannon continued. “And I’ma play this clip about both of y’all saying y’all wanna fuck him. He is fat! He look like he got a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck. You lookin’ at them pictures fromGet Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s get thick or die fryin’!”

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