Janet Jackson found herself caught in the crosshairs of some angry Nicki Minaj fans after posting a seemingly innocent photo that was taken as shade by the Barbz.

On Tuesday (September 5), the “Control” hitmaker took to Twitter with a throwback photo of herself in a white jacket, captioning it: “#fashhhionn.” Simply because Minaj was also wearing white on her recently-unveiled Pink Friday 2 cover, some of the Barbz took it as a slight and immediately filled Janet’s comments

Seeing the drama, a Janet fan page replied to the post writing: “#janfam sees no shade here. She’s showing off her fashion.”

Janet herself replied with a heart, adding: “It’s a shame that people want to pit one artist against another.”

Catching the reply, Nicki retweeted it to her timeline, letting the Barbz know to stand down. “Icon. Legend. Royalty. The original definition of #ICanBeAllTheWayCoveredItsSTILLgivingSEXY,” she wrote.

Lil Kim is also a huge Janet Jackson fan, and made sure to give her all her flowers and then some when she filled in for Ludacris on one of the legendary singer’s Together Again tour stops in the spring.

The Queen Bee performed at the Allentown, Pennsylvania stop in mid-May – where she paid homage to Michael Jackson during her set. Afterward, Kim joined Janet backstage where she was moved to tears as she excitedly expressed her love for the “Rhythm Nation” star.

“She needs to know this,” Kim began. “First of all, I have to start from the beginning. Michael was my favorite, my number one. And then when Janet came, I said, ‘Oh hell no? You mean to tell me there’s a girl Michael?!’”

She continued: “When I tell you I was just in love from the moment I saw her. I always felt like we looked alike. I always felt we have the same energy. She just gets it. Superstar, talented, just everything! Beauty. And she always represented. And I’ma tell y’all right now — she is so pulled up, so graceful. But you know she can [fight]. That’s her secret. Don’t tell nobody! She be getting with it. She is with it. So I love it.

“She represented me, a hood girl! I’m from the hood. I knew I could rap, but I was like, I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to be the normal rapper. I love MC Lyte, I love Salt-N-Pepa, I love Queen Latifah – but I was like, ‘I want to do something different! I want to be a rap Janet Jackson.’”

Don’t play wit it!” Kim added. “Love her. There’s no one who understands the business and who can fight through the adversities and still remain poised, still hold that crown.”

Janet soon after returned the love, posting a selfie with Kim on Instagram and sharing some kind words. “Kim, thanks so much for filling in while Luda was out getting his much deserved star on the walk of fame,” she wrote. “Love u sis ”

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