A Nevada rapper who allegedly murdered a man and then wrote a song about it is now in police custody for homicide.

On Tuesday (August 29), Kenjuan McDaniel, aka The Biggest Finn4800, was taken in by the authorities on charges of murder with a deadly weapon and probation violation, according to FOX 5 KVVU.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department believe that the 25-year-old rapper is responsible for a September 2021 incident wherein a man was shot and killed. Through witness recollections, the cops came upon information linking McDaniel to the scene of the crime.

In mid-July this year, a detective discovered The Biggest Finn 4800’s song, “Fadee Free,” on YouTube. In support of the investigation, he pointed out the lyrics: “I be the reason why he’s dead, we still taunt him when he die/ not the reason he’s dead, so celebrate the reason why his momma cry.”

A new report by the police also reveals that the song contains details about the shooting that were never made public. Following this, McDaniel was arrested last week, with his next hearing scheduled to take place on Thursday (September 29).

Violence and murder continue to plague the Hip Hop community in large numbers. Just last week, rapper Sasha Skare was sentenced to hard time for murdering Beyoncé’s cousin back in 2021.

KENS-5 reported that Skare was convicted of the murder of 34-year-old Martell Derouen at his upscale apartment near San Antonio. The 34-year-old, who was related to Beyoncé through their grandmother, also had a burgeoning rap career under the name Kantone. He was shot and killed on January 26, 2021.

Skare was offered a plea deal for 20 years in prison, which she rejected before being sentenced to 55 years in late August 30.

The Texas rapper previously testified that she didn’t mean to kill Derouen, but that the two had gotten into a fight that quickly spun out of control, which is then led to his death. Prosecutor Ashley Jones, however, was not buying Skare’s explanation for the murder killing.

“The defendant knew exactly what she was doing,” she said, according to KSAT. “[Skare] was banging on the door to get Martell to come and deal with her, and then she shot him. That is murder.”

Sasha Skare was taken in on February 6, 2021, and hit with a felony charge of first-degree murder.

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