Young Guru Claims “I Told Y’all So” After AI Song Given Grammy Eligibility

Young Guru got a victory lap of sorts from the news.

With the Grammy eligibility window wrapping up soon there’s been a lot of discussion of the potential favorites and dark horse candidates for all the major awards. But snuck into the mix was a news story that surprised many fans and began dividing people online. “heart on my sleeve” is a song made by an artist called ghostwriter earlier this year. The track became controversial for using AI-generated versions of Drake and The Weeknd’s voices on the song. Surprisingly, the song was submitted for consideration for next year’s Grammy Awards. And perhaps even more surprisingly, it was deemed eligible.

Fans online had a variety of reactions to the news, but many from within the music industry are taking issue with the song’s award status. One of those is Young Guru who has warned fans about the future of AI music more than anybody. He first made a declaration about the dangers of the technology back in February when an AI-generated Kendrick Lamar track emerged. He described the song as “groundbreaking but dangerous moment” before many others were even talking about the potential future implications of AI.

Young Guru Speaks On AI Song’s Grammy Eligibility

Guru was also vocal about his stance when Timbaland claimed he was interested in the future cross-sections of AI and music. Guru warned him that the move was corny and that it has the potential to age very poorly. His most recent statement on AI came back in June where he gave a specific example. “When you take Big’s voice and you have him saying things that he would have never said, or it’s your interpretation or some other writer’s interpretation of what you think Big would have said, this kind of violates him and his legacy,” he said.

With the breaking news of an AI song potentially being able to win a Grammy, Guru took to his story. “Hate to say I told y’all but I told y’all. Now this could be up for a Grammy. SMH,” he said over a screenshot of the news. What do you think of Young Guru’s claiming he warned everyone about AI music? Let us know in the comment section below.

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