1090 Jake Faces Snitching Accusations: Tables Turned On Blogger Who Exposes Alleged Hip-Hop Rats

1090 Jake became internet famous for exposing alleged Hip-Hop snitches, but he’s now facing claims he told on a fellow inmate in jail.

A blogger notorious for exposing rapper’s alleged paperwork is responding to accusations that he snitched while in jail

1090 Jake has posted paperwork on numerous Hip-Hop players, including Boston Richey, Finesse2Tymes and Quality Control CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. However, the blogger is not facing his own snitching allegations.

On Tuesday (September 5), paperwork surfaced of 1090 Jake allegedly snitching on an inmate while he was in jail. Accusers claimed he spoke on another inmate fighting in a hand-written statement. In a hand-written statement

However, the blogger responded, denying the claims he’s a rat during a recent Instagram Live chat with No Jumper podcast’s Riem.

He claims he wrote the statement to deny there was any fight to prevent the inmates from getting beaten up by correctional officers. 1090 Jake also said he broke down the snitching claims in a blog four years ago. Check out the video below.

03 Greedo, who 1090 Jake recently accused of snitching, saw the post and clowned the blogger.

“D###### n####,” he wrote in the No Jumper comment section. “He got a lot to say. He should ghostwrite on my album.”

Back in July, 1090 Jake posted documents, allegedly paperwork of 03 Greedo snitching in his case. However, the recently freed rapper said that he did all of his time in prison on gun and drug charges, proving he didn’t tell. He also questioned the alleged paperwork, pointing out they are a police report and not official court documents.

“So you want me to believe that a n#### that got probation while I got five years, I told on him?” he asked during an Instagram Live session.

“So that’s police report,” he added in an Instagram Story post. “Real or fake that’s not paperwork. U know u done fucced up don’t u.”

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