Nipsey Hussle‘s ex and his estate have been at war for years — and it’s mostly down to the custody of their daughter, Emani.

According to Radar Online, Hussle’s estate has fired its latest salvo against Tanisha Foster — Emani’s mother — claiming that she possesses an “unlawful” recording

On Friday (September 15), the outlet obtained court documents that reveal Foster wants Emani’s guardian ad litem, William Spiller, be removed from his position. Foster’s demand comes just a few weeks after Spiller accused Foster of having an “unlawful” recording of Emani.

According to Spiller, any conversation he has with Emani is protected under attorney-client privilege — and Foster’s alleged recording of that conversation is directly in violation of that privilege.

Spiller accused Foster of refusing to turn over the “surreptitious, unlawful, unapproved” recording, even though Foster reportedly furnished the tape to a judge back in November of last year.

“It cannot be stressed enough that such a recording is unlawful,” Spiller said.

Spiller wants sanctions (totaling $2,500) filed against Foster, which Foster insists she doesn’t have to pay. Foster, for her part, didn’t specify why she wanted Spiller removed as the guardian ad litem, and the heavily redacted court documents provide little further insight.

Back in 2019, Nipsey Hussle’s family was granted guardianship of his then-10-year-old daughter Emani.

The judge evidently decided not to grant guardianship to the birth mother Tanisha Foster, who has been described by Hussle’s family as “unfit.”

The court said Nip’s family provided sufficient evidence for their petition. Subsequently, the late MC’s siblings — Samantha Smith and Sam Asghedom — and his mother Angelique Smith are now Emani’s guardians.

Lauren London, who has a son named Kross with the slain rapper, was also in court at the same time as Foster was to ask for guardianship over her son’s estate

Although London and Nip’s family have clashed when it comes to Kross, a judge ultimately determined London will be in charge of his finances. The child is reportedly expected to inherit roughly $1million with another $1million going to Emani.

The Grammy Award-nominated artist was shot and killed on March 31, 2019, in front of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. He was 33.

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