Desiigner has experienced yet another hiccup of sorts on the heels of his recent sentencing, over exposing himself on a public flight.

According to People, the Brooklyn native — who was recently sentenced for indecent exposure during a flight in April of 2023 — was ordered to comply with the requirements of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act in the state in which he resides (California), as well as serve two years of probation, TMZ Hip Hop reported earlier this week.

However, according to Desiigner’s lawyer, Ryan Garry, that may not be the case. In fact, Garry claims that Desiigner (real name Sidney Royel Selby III) will not have to register as a sex offender — that is, unless an order comes down from the state.

“Regarding the issue of Mr. Selby registering as a sex offender, many news outlets have incorrectly stated that he is required to register as an absolute condition of his probation. They are wrong,” Garry told the outlet.

Since this was a federal misdemeanor, the sentencing judgment states that if the State of California or some other government entity requires that Mr. Selby must register as a sex offender, then he must,” he continued.

However, the parties in this case have come to the legal conclusion, after significant research and consultation with lawyers in California, that this misdemeanor conviction is not one that will cause Mr. Selby to have to register as a sex offender,” he added. “If some government agency in California disagrees with our analysis, then we will address the matter at that point in time.”

In the interim, the “Panda” rapper is prohibited from ever possessing a firearm. He must perform 120 hours of community service, submit to random drug testing, and participate in a psychiatric evaluation. Should the evaluation determine that Desiigner requires extensive psychiatric treatment, he must submit to it without question, or be dubbed in violation of his probation order.

The sentence update marks the end of a strange case that began back in April when Desiigner allegedly exposed himself “multiple” times while seated in the Delta One cabin, where he allegedly masturbated while en route to Japan.

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