JAY-Z has caused a frenzy over his reply to Memphis Bleek asking for ticket’s to Beyoncé’sRenaissance tour, which left N.O.R.E. howling.

In a brief snippet of his forthcoming interview with Drink Champs, the former Roc-A-Fella signee detailed how he reached out to HOV so that his wife could go see Queen Bee during one of her previous tour stops

Yo listen, for me to get Beyoncé tickets was a problem,” Memphis Bleek said. “My wife hit me like, ‘Yo, you know she in Philly for my birthday,” I’m like, ‘iight cool, what that got to do with me.’ You tryna send me in there for the war baby? So, you know, fuck it it’s wifey, so I hit all the top dogs. I ain’t gon’ even say no names. All the bosses.”

He added: “All of them said, ‘Yo Bleek. You buggin? You know you gotta hit Jay! I’m like iight, I tried not to, but now I gotta hit you. I got to! I tried to go around, but now this message gotta go to you, like fuck it.

Yo big homie I need some tickets for the show, it’s wifey B-day. Ah nah n-ggas tryna turn me into the ticket guy now?”

Memphis Bleek’s recollection of the conversation between him and JAY-Z made N.O.R.E. erupt in laughter.

“Them B tix like asking for a Rollie [crying laughing emoji faces, chart increasing emoji],” Bleek said after responding to N.O.R.E.’s tweet of the clip.

Eventually, Memphis Bleek confirmed that he secured the tickets after tweeting a picture of him and JAY-Z side-by-side backstage.

Better believe I got my tix [exclamation points emoji, hands up emoji, chart increasing emoji, crying laughing emoji],” he said.

Within the same interview, Bleek spoke about how Hov tried to warn those around him that the legendary label’s days were numbered, but his caution largely fell on deaf ears.

I told n-ggas, ‘Listen, y’all bugging! This shit ’bout to be over!” Bleek said. “Y’all wanna separate it? Okay! I’m tryna keep this shit together, baby! Like, the big homie over here telling me, ‘The scissors, they coming.’ It’s like, nobody wanted to listen.”

He added: “Now, it’s over and everybody listening — get the fuck outta here!”

In addition to taking a trip down memory lane, Memphis Bleek is still hoping to do a joint album with JAY-Z, despite his longtime friend and collaborator continually brushing him off.

During a brief interview with TMZ at LAX in August, the Brooklyn native revealed he’s still plugging away at trying to persuade Hov to record a project with him, even though it’s been years since they last released music together.

“I’m on that boat too. I wish!” he said when asked about the prospect of a Memphis Bleek and JAY-Z project, which gained traction on social media earlier this year.

Memphis Bleek admitted that the chances of it actually happening are slim, saying: “I don’t think so. Hov too far gone, man! I was supposed to try this when he had $100 million, not a billion. When you got a billion, it’s hard to get you in the booth. Only his wife can do it.”

However, he then quickly changed his tune by telling fans they should hold their breath as he believes his persistence will one day pay off — and when that day comes, listeners won’t be disappointed.

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