GloRilla has responded to the backlash she’s received on social media for throwing up gang signs in a photo with Fivio Foreign.

Big Glo was spotted outside hanging with the Brooklyn drill rapper over the weekend and posed for a photo with Fivio throwing up the controversial rakes sign with her hands

The CMG rapper didn’t understand the significance of what she was doing while Fivio Foreign proudly reps his GDK ties.

“I thought he was telling me to throw up his gang I did not know what it meant until after we took da picture,” GloRilla replied on Facebook on Saturday (September 16)

Typically, those throwing up the rakes are members of the Black Disciples or Gangster Disciple Killers or just oppose those who are part of the Gangster Disciples.

The Neighborhood Talk reposted Glo’s remarks and Monica explained to avoid confusion that’s why she strictly flips the bird or peace sign depending on the day. “That’s why I don’t throw up sh*t but the middle finger we all clear on it’s meaning oh and the peace sign on good days,” Monica wrote.

Other fans hopped into the comments questioning how Glo didn’t understand what she was throwing up.

“Now when they let them GD’s in the doe while you performing don’t say nothing,” one person wrote, while another added: “How you so hood but didn’t know you was throwing down GD… girl you knew!”

One more chimed in claiming that Sexyy Red wouldn’t make that same mistake: “I thought glorilla was gangsta that’s why sexy redd is turnt up cuz she really bout that.”

While GloRilla has angered some, Plies wants the culture to protect the Memphis native at all costs following a recent romantic confession she made.

The “Bust It Baby, Pt. 2” rapper co-signed sexual claim made by Big Glo, which Plies clearly wants to see more of from women. “We Need To Protect Big Glo!!!! I Swea,” he wrote to Twitter in August.

The CMG rapper originally opened up about not wanting to hear about someone’s relationship issues but how she’s always down for a good time.

“I prolly ain’t da bitch to call & vent to about you problems but if you ever need some coochie baby I’m 1 call away STAMP DAT,” she wrote to social media.

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