Busta Rhymes has contested 50 Cent‘s claim that he’s a better performer than him, going so far as to mock the G-Unit boss’ signature move to back up his argument.

The Flipmode Squad frontman posted a recent interview of 50’s on Instagram on Tuesday (September 19), in which he recites rhymes from Busta’s 1997 hit “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” before making a bold declaration about who’s the stronger showman

do his shit better than him. He better not play with me!” Fif brags. “I will fuck around and perform Busta Rhymes’ show! If you ever thought that Busta Rhymes was better than me, you crazy! You crazy, man! You just looking at this shit the wrong way.”

The video then cuts to multiple clips of 50 Cent bobbing his hand up and down on stage while performing on his Final Lap Tour, which features Busta as a supporting act alongside Jeremih.

In a recorded message, the Brooklyn rap legend saluted his tour mate for upping his performance game over the years, but made it abundantly clear that he’ll never outshine him on the stage.

According to Busta, 50 has to do better than “fanning a fart” every show before he can claim to out-perform the Dungeon Dragon

Ayo Fif, I ain’t gonna lie, I’ma give it up to you,” he began. “The production on your show? Incredible. Lights show? Incredible. The dancers? Incredible. The outfit changes? Incredible. Tony Yayo and Uncle Murda coordination? Incredible. Significant improvements since the way you used to perform back in the day.

“But if you think doing this shit all night [bobs hand up and down] looking like you fanning a fart is a better performance than Busta Rhymes, you out your rabid ass mind! [laughs]. Keep fanning the fart!”

Proving it’s nothing more than a little friendly competition, Busta Rhymes then thanked 50 Cent for bringing him on the road for what he called “the biggest tour in the whole fucking globe.”

“Ayo Fif, I ain’t gonna front. I definitely gotta say thank you for bringing us out on the Final Lap Tour,” he added. “This shit has been an incredible experience and we ’bout to take it overseas and fuck the whole planet up.

But I do wanna say to the whole planet: this is the biggest tour in the whole fucking globe, let’s be clear. 50, congratulations on the Final Lap Tour. Let’s keep it going, king. Salute.”

50 Cent has yet to respond, but Busta’s post got a laugh out of their rap peers as Layzie Bone, Pete Rock, DJ D-Nice, Tobe Nwigwe and Ebro Darden shared their emoji-filled amusement in the comments section.

Some might call this payback after Busta Rhymes has faced his fair share of ribbing from 50 Cent since the Final Lap Tour kicked off in July.

Just earlier this week, 50 clowned Busta after a video went viral of him raunchily flirting with a concertgoer at a recent show, during which he held his microphone near his crotch and stroked it as it if was an erect penis.

BUSTA stole this move from me, I use to do this to magic stick 10 years ago. LOL,” Fif joked in his Instagram caption. “Now it just feels dirty, inappropriate unnecessary LMAO this is giving, your old uncle at the barbecue that won’t go sit down vibes right !”

Expect more banter from the New York rap legends as the Final Lap Tour continues until mid December. The pair’s next show will see them wrap up the North American leg in Toronto this Friday (September 22).

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